GMG Productions is an official partner of Filmbankmedia in the Philippines, representing Filmbankmedia’s library of titles for non-theatrical screenings

About Filmbankmedia

Established in 1986, Filmbankmedia is an international leader in film distribution across non-theatrical sectors, representing major Hollywood studios and independent distributors. Filmbankmedia’s catalogue of titles spans thousands of films ranging from new releases to all-time classics, all available to license for non-theatrical screenings.

What does non-theatrical mean?

Non-theatrical film screenings refer to the public showing of films outside of traditional cinemas or an individual’s home. Here is (are) a few examples of where non-theatrical screenings can take place:

  • Film clubs, film societies, and community cinemas
  • Outdoor screenings including festivals, community events, and drive-ins
  • Schools and universities
  • Government and public buildings
  • Art centres
  • Museums
  • Libraries

…and many more.

We are proud to license films from the following studios:

A fantastic choice of films

From blockbusters and all-time classics from major Hollywood studios to the breathtaking performances of Cirque du Soleil, you are sure to find the perfect title for your audience.

Why not organise a screening as part of your company’s themed events such as “Wellness week”, “Earth Day” or “Celebrating Diversity”?

The technology solutions:

Filmbankmedia has developed a unique, secure, and versatile Digital Delivery System dedicated to servicing the non-theatrical needs that licensees have.

The system is called: Filmbankconnect.

Introducing Virtual Screening Room

One of the solutions powered by Filmbankconnect, is the Virtual Screening Room.

Developed and designed specifically for non-theatrical sectors, VSR is a service that allows businesses, film societies, churches, and other organisations or communities to replicate the experience of watching a film together virtually.

Learn more about VSR

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